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The Canada-United States Business Association (CUSBA) Announces a New President

Detroit, April 1, 2023 – The Canada-United States Business Association (CUSBA) is pleased to announce the confirmation of Laurie Tannous as its new President.  CUSBA is a non-partisan, issues-oriented business association based in the Detroit-Windsor area and is focused on issues affecting Canada and the United States. 

Ms. Tannous has been a CUSBA board member for 10 years and is excited at the opportunity to continue to grow CUSBA’s presence and its impact on cross-border business.  She is an attorney with her own practice, specializing in a variety of cross-border matters, including immigration, global business and other critical matters.  She speaks at many trade and industry forums globally, providing public policy counsel to government officials and industry leaders on matters relating to Cross Border Management, Immigration, Human Trafficking, Customs, Cyber Security, Public-Private Partnerships, and Economic Development Initiatives.  She presently holds several concurrent strategic positions, including:

Special Advisor on Customs, Immigration, and Border Security to the University of Windsor’s Cross Border Institute.

Vice President – Government & Industry Relations at Farrow, Canada’s Largest Independent Customs Broker.

Law Offices of Laurie Tannous – Cross Border Attorney with a specialization in immigration law and global human trafficking initiatives.

Ms. Tannous received her undergraduate and Juris Doctor degrees from the University of Windsor.

Laurie Tannous succeeds Mark High, a Member in the Detroit office of Dickinson Wright PLLC, who held the position for 12 years.  During that time, Mr. High was involved with many significant cross-border issues, including advocating for the Gordie Howe International Bridge, establishing CUSBA’s annual Cross-Border Economic Forecast events, maintaining close relationships with the four Consuls General posted to the Canadian Consulate in Detroit during his tenure, and significantly raising the organization’s profile in both countries.  He will remain on the Board.

Ms. Tannous said “I appreciate Mark’s efforts on behalf of our cross-border community over these many years.  He has worked hard to forge ties in our whole region, spanning from Chicago and Grand Rapids through to London, Waterloo, Hamilton, and Toronto.  He leaves CUSBA in a strong position from which it can move forward.” 

Mr. High is excited about welcoming Laurie Tannous as the new CUSBA President, commenting “Laurie is a capable and dynamic counselor who will push this group to new heights – I wish her well and offer her my full support.”  He thanks the CUSBA Board, and the CUSBA members and sponsors, for their assistance and support over the years.

As CUSBA President, Ms. Tannous is looking forward to continuing the tradition of offering great educational events and partnering with other organizations to keep both CUSBA members and stakeholders apprised of important cross-border issues as they occur.  Ms. Tannous is excited to build on the significant progress made during Mr. High’s tenure, including increasing the visibility of the whole Southeast Michigan/Southwest Ontario region, enhancing cross-border connections, and strengthening the 200 year-old friendship between the two nations.  Future programming and events are anticipated to cover topics such as the Inflation Reduction Act and its Canadian counterpart, Supply Chain Efficiency/Resiliency, and the Movement of People (focusing on Business Travelers, Human Trafficking and Global Mobility strategies).

About The Canada – US Business Association (CUSBA)

CUSBA – The Canada – US Business Association has provided leadership and foresight since 1992 as one of the premier voices for the Canadian and American business communities. CUSBA is a nonprofit, non-partisan, issues – oriented business association focused on issues affecting Canada and the United States. CUSBA is a key voice for small, medium and large businesses in the world’s most prosperous cross-border relationship. Established in Detroit, Michigan, our members are business leaders and stakeholders from both sides of the international border.

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